Cîroc Ultra-Premium Vodka 750ml




Ciroc – Vodka – Luxury French Vodka 750ML Bottle

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Item: Ciroc Vodka
Origin: Turkey
Size: 750 ml bottles
Packing 12 Bottles per Case

56 cartons per pallet

20 palletys per container

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1. Seven times distillation and bamboo charcoal filtration
2. Main ingredients:Water, Grain
3. ABV:40% VOL
4. Color:Glittering and translucent, colorless without impurity
5. Flavor:Quiet smelling with slight Bamboo fragrance
6. Taste: Fresh and pure, large power after drinking
7. Bottle material:High Level handmade crystal bottle
8. Bottle lable: Decalcomania
9. VOL: 150ml/500ml/700ml/3000ml


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